PALMS Projects

The following are project pages for past and on-going projects. See Research for a summary of research projects.

The Secure Cloud Computing project investigates software and hardware architectural support for secure Virtual Machines, secure virtualization and trustworthy computing, communications and storage in the Cloud.

The Security-aware Processor Architecture project investigates hardware and hypervisor architectural support for improving software and systems security, e.g., confidentiality and integrity.

The SecureCore project investigates a secure integrated core architecture for trustworthy operation of mobile computing devices.

The Advanced Bit Manipulation project investigates the design and implementation of new instructions that accelerate bit manipulation operations in word-oriented processors and data paths.

PAX is a past project on a low-cost general-purpose processor for high-performance security processing in mobile and wireless environments.

PLX is a past project on minimalist processor architecture designed for high-performance multimedia processing.

Detailed information about these projects and downloadable software tools are available on the respective project pages.

Other projects:

  • Multicore Security
  • Fast 3D graphics processor for handheld gaming
  • Mediaprocessor
  • Hardware defenses for software vulnerabilities
  • Hardware-Software Co-verification of Security Properties
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  • Secure Software Defined Radio